Though he found the large crowd at Wednesday's Board of Selectmen meeting a bit nerve-wracking at first, "Corky," a Jack Russell terrier-corgi mix, had relaxed when it was his turn in the spotlight.

Corky, a 5-year-old stray found in the Villa Avenue area, was the latest inhabitant of the Fairfield Animal Shelter featured during the selectmen's regular "Wednesday's Pet" program, designed to showcase animals available for adoption.

Former Selectman Sherri Steeneck, who started the program while serving as interim first selectman, said the dog has a microchip that was implanted to help identify him if lost. Unfortunately, she said, his owner never registered the microchip so it cannot be used to find his home.

Anyone interested in adopting Corky should call 203-254-4857 or visit for more information. The animal shelter is located on One Rod Highway.