FAIRFIELD — Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has endorsed the Democratic ticket of Mike Tetreau and Nancy Lefkowitz for First Selectman and Selectman.

At a Democratic Town Committee event in Fairfield Monday, Murphy spoke about the importance of local elections in the current national political climate.

“At this moment, we have got to be present and forward in our defense of democracy, not just on behalf of the people of Connecticut, but on behalf of everyone in this country,” Murphy said.

Murphy said his efforts towards battling climate change and gun violence at the federal level require local contributions from fellow Democrats like incumbent First Selectman Mike Tetreau and RTM representative Nancy Lefkowitz.

“There is absolutely a connection between the fights that we’re having in Washington on these issues and your success at the local level,” Murphy said. “I need partners like Mike and Nancy who are going to fight with me.”

What happens on the local stage this November will send a message in Washington, Murphy said, noting that politicians on all sides are “watching really closely and carefully.”

Tetreau and Lefkowitz are attempting to flip the Board of Selectmen, which currently has a 2-1 Republican majority. Other offices on the ballot include the Board of Education, Board of Finance and RTM.

The election takes place on Nov. 5.