Siblings fight over mom and both get arrested

FAIRFIELD — Two siblings that got into an argument in their mother’s nursing home room Tuesday were both charged with second-degree breach of peace.

Police said Lauren Gaylord, 59, of Edwards, Colo., and Richard Zemo, 56, of West Hartford, were at Regal Care, 930 Mill Hill Terrace, and were in their mother’s room when they began arguing over Zemo’s refusal to sign papers moving their mother to another facility.

According to the report, Zemo began to record their mother to prove she was of sound mind and then allegedly tried to push his sister out of the room. Zemo allegedly pushed Gaylord onto an empty bed in the room, and she started pushing a walker at him, yelling. She said she scratched her brother in self defense.

An employee sought the help of a police officer who was there on another call.

Both were released on a written promise to appear in state Superior Court in Bridgeport on Wednesday.

The other call at the nursing home involved a night attendant who allegedly used a racial slur. The issue was not a police matter and the attendant was suspended by the nursing home, according to the police report.