Sidewalk Sale & Street Fair in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — Despite the extremely hot weather on Saturday, bargain hunters and local business advocates ventured out to the downtown to take advantage of the Annual Sidewalk Sale & Street Fair.

Shops up and down the Post Road and its branches set up sale items outside in order to introduce their wares and invite in customers. Co-sponsored by the town and the Chamber of Commerce, there were also a bevvy of booths and tables from independent retailers, nonprofits and businesses, mostly centered in a big get-together on Sherman Green.

“I love the fact that Fairfield has such a vibrant downtown,” said Peter Saverine of Fairfield, an author who took part in the event by doing some autographs of his book “Jenny’s Pennies.”

“It’s always a great way for people to be exposed to the different business,” he said.

“It’s an opportunity to meet new people,” said Anne Nowak, owner of the Lion’s Paw, who noted that two new customers found their way to her store.

“It increases foot traffic,” she said.

“Especially around here,” Saverine said, “there’s a tendency to jump in your car and drive from store to store, even if they’re on the same block, so it’s good to get out.”