FAIRFIELD — Police arrested six people last week after getting reports of “lewd and sexual activity” in the Grace Richardson Open Space area at the intersection of Congress Street and Morehouse Highway.

According to police, the department received several complaints of inappropriate behavior during the week of Aug. 12. Witnesses reported peple engaging in sexual behavior, masturbating and exposing themselves.

The Grace Richardson parcel is 87-acre piece of land that was part of a major acquisition by the town from the H. Smith Richardson family in 1966. The rest became the H. Smith Richardson Golf Course and the Hoyden’s Hill Open Space.

The Fairfield Police Department’s Quality of Life Unit was assigned to investigate. On Friday, officers and detectives from both the Special Services Unit and the Quality of Life Unit conducted a surveillance in and around the open space area.

Several violations were observed, and investigators discovered paraphernalia in the area, including magazines and condoms.

The following arrests were made: Daniel Dobbin, 67, charged with breach of peace and public indecency; Otto D. Williams, 62, charged with breach of peace; Charles L. Ardito, 75, charged with breach of peace; John Linartz, 62, charged with breach of peace and public indecency; Richard Butler, 82, breach of peace; Joyce Butler, 85, breach of peace.

All were released on a promise to appear in court. A court date was not given in the release.

An internet search revealed that the park has been advertised as a meet-up spot for this kind of activity, along with other Fairfield locations, including the Jefferson Street Commuter Lot and McDonald’s at the Interstate-95 Service Plaza. Police are continuing to monitor these locations and internet advertising.

Capt. Robert Kalamaras said that the department is committed to keeping public spaces appropriate and safe.