Southport man charged with check forgery

Todd Flanagan.

Todd Flanagan.

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FAIRFIELD — Todd Flanagan, a 47-year-old Southport man, was charged with forgery after allegedly altering company checks.

On May 1, the co-owner of a local business reported an incident of embezzlement involving her brother and former business partner, Todd Flanagan.

The complainant said the company had been declining and that she was no longer involved in its daily operations.

The complainant stated that she and an employee discovered that several business checks were fraudulently altered and negotiated by Flanagan. The employee said that checks made payable to municipal agencies for work permits had been altered and deposited into Flanagan’s personal bank account.

The complainant provided copies of said checks, totaling to $41,000.

Police issued a search warrant for Flanagan’s bank account, which confirmed the complainant’s report.

Flanagan was arrested on warrant on Aug. 28 and charged with one count of first-degree larceny and six counts of second-degree forgery. He was scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 10.