A school bus carrying a special-needs student was struck by a car shortly after 11 a.m. Monday on Congress Street at Black Rock Turnpike.

"We're just fortunate that no one was injured," John Ficke, transportation supervisor for the Fairfield public schools, said of the incident.

The lone student on board, however, was a little upset by the collision, Ficke added.

The bus driver had just picked the student up from Sacred Heart University and was on his way to pick up another student at Fairfield University. The two are in a transitional education program that is designed to help them prepare for life outside school, Ficke said.

A Board of Education staffer was dispatched to the accident scene to check on the student.

The collision did not cause significant damage to either vehicle.

"The bus was released from the scene a half-hour later," Ficke said.

No police information on the collision was immediately available.