Fairfield Democrats set the record straight

The chairman of the Fairfield Republican Town Committee, James Millington, recently attacked Jennifer Leeper, Democratic candidate for State Representative from the 132nd Assembly district, in a partisan hit piece loaded with inaccuracies. We feel it is important to set the record straight.

In the piece, Mr. Millington criticized Ms. Leeper for owning a business whose clientele includes Democrats. However, he failed to mention that her firm also includes non-profits, authors and a number of other businesses. Ms. Leeper is a local small business owner contributing to Connecticut’s economy, something that should be lauded, not attacked.

Mr. Millington also asserted that Ms. Leeper is keeping her occupation a secret. This is simply wrong. Ms. Leeper has disclosed her business in financial documents and on her social media platforms. There was no effort to hide it. She stated that she will sell her stake in the digital marketing firm if she wins so as to avoid any conflicts. There is nothing to hide, and there is no conflict.

We find these accusations of lack of transparency and honesty hypocritical given some of the deceptive campaign practices of the Republican candidate, Brian Farnen, and his supporters. Where is the Republican concern over Mr. Farnen’s failure to divulge his potential conflicts of interest? Mr. Farnen has not disclosed that he works for a publicly financed organization whose funding he would be advocating for as State Representative. Our tax dollars would be used to pay Mr. Farnen’s salary and those of his bank colleagues were he to be elected, a fact that Mr. Farnen and Fairfield Republicans have been silent about.

And Mr. Farnen’s questionable judgment predates his State Rep, campaign mailer. In 2019, when campaigning for RTM, he used the official Sherman Elementary School email distribution list to send out an endorsement for himself.

The behavior continued into his campaign when he took out a very misleading campaign mailer. The piece, made to look like official correspondence from the office of Fairfield’s First Selectwoman, was actually a political piece paid for by Mr. Farnen’s campaign. While not technically illegal, tricking thousands of constituents into believing that a political campaign mailer is an important piece of official town business is certainly unethical and far from transparent.

Fairfielders were deceived yet again when they received a recent email “update” from Change.org regarding the status of the Fairfield Community Theatre. Thinking that they were getting an update regarding the renovation of the beloved town landmark, residents were duped into opening a political endorsement for Mr. Farnen. Thousands of Fairfielders’ email addresses — provided to Change.Org strictly for the purposes of a petition to re-open the theatre — were misappropriated and used for an email blast supporting Mr. Farnen.

These are just a few instances of deceptive practices that Mr. Farnen and the Republicans have been engaging in while calling for transparency from Democrats.

As the Democratic Town Committee, we are committed to a positive campaign for our endorsed State Representative candidate, Jennifer Leeper. We have been transparent, ethical and have run a campaign on our candidate’s qualifications and merits. We are disappointed to see Fairfield Republicans yet again opt for negative campaigning and dissemination of misinformation about our candidate. It conveys desperation — and Fairfield deserves better. Fairfield and Southport deserve Jennifer Leeper representing us ethically, honestly and with integrity up in Hartford. You can learn more about her campaign at leeperforfairfield.com, and we hope you will vote for her in the special election for State Representive in the 132nd Assembly district on January 14.

Steve Sheinberg, Chair, Democratic Town Committee

Cathy Curley, Vice Chair, Democratic Town Committee.

Editor’s note: Due to a production issue, this statement, submitted on Jan. 9, was delayed in publication by a day.