Starting Monday, a portion of Center Street in the Southport section of town will become one-way. From Jeliff Lane to the Post Road, traffic will flow only in the northbound direction. Traffic will no longer be able to access that portion of Center Street from the Post Road or from Kings Highway West.

Vehicles will be able to access the Interstate 95 southbound entrance ramp at the Exit 19 junction or Center Street southbound via Jeliff Lane at the Old Post Road.

Barricades will be placed at the entrance of Center Street at the Post Road on Monday and the Police Department's traffic enforcement unit will be on hand to advise drivers and pedestrians about the change to one-way traffic. A message board will also be placed in the neighborhood to remind residents of the change.

In the fall, curbs, sidewalks and a shoulder area will be constructed along the street.

According to the first selectman's office, residents and neighbors have had concerns about pedestrian and commuter traffic on that stretch of Center Street. The street has a narrow right-of-way, preventing the town from installing sidewalks during the time it has been used

as a two-way street.