Sunny Sunday in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — The slow but hopeful rollback of the COVID-19 restrictions is helping to bring the sun out in Fairfield, which had many smiling faces circulating about on Sunday.

For Miguel Tucker, also known as The Jeans Doctor, the excitement of his new store — Kidz Kandi Vintage — is part of hopeful and positive things that are looking forward.

Part of the Saugatuck Sweets operation across from Sherman Green on Reef Road, Tucker is running a fun and funky attic area shop in the upper floor of the building that specializes in sustainable clothing for kids.

“We’ve been doing it by appointment only,” he said, but June 17 will see the store open for real.

A wizard of repurposing and rejuvenating your own used clothes, Tucker also concocts a slew of new creations as part of his unique work.

“You can bring in your own clothes and we’ll customize them for you,” he said, looking forward to the chance to bring some of Fairfield’s green-minded fashion lovers a cool collection and selection.

Tucker notes that people don’t realize how much energy and resources are consumed in the making of new clothes, so repurposing is always a more conscious choice.

“Recycling clothes plays a big role in saving the planet,” he said.