Town Plan and Zoning Commission members, saying they really had no idea what a proposed medical building would look like, on Tuesday unanimously denied an application to build the structure in a vacant lot at 2291 Post Road.

The TPZ had granted a permit for a commercial building on the property, that sits between two vacant buildings, several years ago. However, the building was not constructed at the time and the permit expired.

In its latest form, the proposed building was reduced in size, and the property itself enlarged through the acquisition of a nearby lot.

Before the TPZ began discussion in earnest, Chairman Bryan LeClerc cited a portion of the zoning regulations that states the "applicant shall submit certain documents," which include architectural plans.

"In the presentation we were told the architectural drawings were not done," LeClerc said. In fact, he said, during the hearing there were comments by the applicant asking what commissioners would like to see built. "It was a complete waste of this commission's time," the chairman said.

Commissioner Douglas Soutar said the one drawing of the project showed to the TPZ was of a yellow building, but it was later suggested that the building could be done entirely in brick. "I have no idea what they have in mind," Soutar said.

"I would agree," Vice Chairman Seth Baratz said, adding that it appears the application was submitted simply to get the clock running on a new project, after the previous permit expired. "I think it's an incomplete application."

The proposal drew opposition from nearby residents on Sasco Hill Road, who questioned why a buffer of trees had not been installed along a driveway from the property that exits on Sasco Hill. A zoning waiver granted for the initial office building required the buffer.

Planning and Zoning Director Joseph Devonshuk confirmed that the trees were required by the ZBA waiver, but said that is only if the office building is approved by the TPZ and the structure is actually built. "It's not required to be done until this application goes through the process," he said.