Teens choose to fix lawn damaged by go-kart

FAIRFIELD — A group of teens were given an option to fix a lawn they damaged with a go-kart or face arrest.

They chose to repair the lawn.

A Valley View Road resident called police around 2 p.m. Saturday to report a group of teens riding a go-kart up and down the street, and one of them drove the go-kart over his lawn, damaging about 15 feet of it. A neighbor followed the teens to a house on Pansy Road and told the teen he saw in the go-kart that he saw what happened. The group allegedly said they didn’t know what he was talking about.

The Valley View Road homeowner arrived at the Pansy Road home and pointed out the same young man as the one behind the wheel of the go-kart. That is when the teens were given the option of all be arrested or fix the lawn. According to the report, they grabbed rakes and a bag of grass seed and repaired the lawn.