FAIRFIELD — First Selectman Mike Tetreau said his home was egged last Wednesday.

Tetreau confirmed reports that someone had vandalized his driveway, throwing eggs at his property on Old Post Road and a car belonging to his wife, Giulia Nesi Tetreau.

Tetreau said the incident occurred after last week’s tense Board of Selectmen meeting.

“It certainly didn’t happen anywhere else in the neighborhood that I’ve heard about, so it seemed pretty targeted,” Tetreau said. “It was disappointing — that’s not part of Fairfield’s culture, Fairfield’s value set.”

Tetreau said he did not file an official police report, but he did contact Fairfield Police Chief Christopher Lyddy, who provided him with guidance.

Lyddy confirmed that he had an informal conversation with Tetreau about the incident.

“There was no permanent damage,” Lyddy said. “Area police patrols were made aware and asked to monitor for any future incidents.”

Fairfield Police Capt. Robert Kalamaras confirmed that no report of vandalism has been filed.