This is maybe the best snow day announcement. Ever.

Kids across Connecticut slept in Tuesday, and most school districts decided to play it safe and announced the snow day Monday night.

But the decision was not an easy one for Westport’s Greens Farms Academy. Bob Whelan, the head of school, decided to ask some advice, as local blogger Dan Woog first reported.

The Decision from Greens Farms Academy on Vimeo.

In a video posted Monday, Whelan is shown taking the train up to ESPN headquarters to speak with Mike Greenberg, host of ESPN’s “Get Up!,” who also happens to live in Westport.

In the video, Greenberg enlists some help, and Whelan gets some conflicting advice.

“Snow day? Go to school, it builds character,” Former Ravens cornerback Dominique Foxworth tells Whelan in the video. “And don’t you have to pay to go to your school? So that means you’re getting paid for not working?”

“You need to work. I don’t want you getting no free days,” Foxworth says. “Lazy.”

But former Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears disagreed. He’s from Louisiana, and can’t believe Whelan might expect kids to attend class.

The fact that you want them to come to school when it snows is beyond me,” Spears says in the video. “Give the kids a snow day.”

Whelan, of course, sided with most other school districts in the state, and decides to close school for the day.

Greens Farms Academy is a private school in Westport. Tuition for the 2018-2019 school year was about $35,000.