FAIRFIELD — Depending on where you go in town these days — or who you talk to — people are trying to roll with the punches of a new lifestyle fostered by the strains and restrictions imposed because of COVID-19.

The streets are notably sparse, even on a Sunday afternoon. At the same time a steady stream of cars flows toward the few open options — food stores and, for take-out only, many restaurants.

The police presence is notable, as there are now many patrol cars parked about, including at various parks and town facilities, which are officially closed to the public.

The few open retail stores have workers monitoring the lines outside, making sure a limited number of people are inside at any one time. Inside, people — many in masks and wearing a variety of gloves — step lightly past others, careful to keep their distance.

And there are some even more unusual sights to see — inexplicable moments in this odd time — like the man wearing a full-body yellow haz-mat suit and helmet who runs up to the workers outside of Whole Foods.

“Do you have rubbing alcohol inside?” he asks. “Rubbing alcohol. Do you have any inside?”

When he’s told No, he turns quickly away and hustles over to his car and drives off.

Strange times have come to town …