With Hurricane Sandy quickly advancing on the area Monday, residents made last-minute runs to the few businesses that remained opened in Fairfield late Monday morning.

One was Demetri's Barber Shop at 48 Reef Road. "We are dedicated to our clientele," said employee Teddy Hasiotis of the decision to open in the face of the predicted onslaught.

"My brother lives down the street -- he was evacuated yesterday. I came to give him a hand and figured I'd open while here. I don't plan to be around long though."

Rite Aid was another downtown business that was still open late Monday morning.

Michele Ross, owner of Letarte Swimwear on Carter Henry Drive, was buying a checkerboard and magazines at the pharmacy to ride out the storm. "Our games are up in Vermont where we typically lose power. Otherwise, we're pretty well stocked up. I was surprised Rite Aid had batteries."

In terms of her own business, Ross said, "We moved inventory off the floor, shut down computers and servers, and received deliveries. We put big fabric bolts against the doors. I think we are going to be out of power for three to five days. I think it's going to be worse than people think."

Hemlock Hardware on the Post Road was also a popular destination. Co-owner Scott Pesavento said, "We ran out of generators yesterday. Other popular items have been extension cords, flashlights, lanterns and tarps. We probably sold 15,000 D batteries alone since Friday."

Of course, many like to raise their spirits during a storm with, well, some spirits.

Renzo Kian, beer manager at Harry's Liquor & Wine Market, said, "On Sunday, we did sales equal to our Friday nights, our busiest days of the week. We probably sold hundreds of cases of beer."

A Harry's customer, Sarah Hamm, said, "I live by Compo Beach in Westport, was evacuated and came to Fairfield to stay with family friends ... and buy beer."