FAIRFIELD — Though the slogan says “Red Bull gives you wings,” two women were able to steal $1,000 worth of the energy drink with just a white Buick sedan.

Police are investigating the theft of Red Bull from Cumberland Farms on July 5.

The manager of the Post Road store called police on July 6 to report the theft, where two women are seen on security video putting cans of the energy drink into tote bags, leaving the store and then returning for more. They left in a white Buick sedan. Similar thefts have occurred at Cumberland Farms in Stratford and Milford, according to police.

Later on July 6, an officer spotted what he believed was the car used in the shoplifting parked at CVS on Grasmere Avenue. As the officer entered the store, a woman with a tote bag was leaving, and when she spotted him, appeared nervous, police said. The woman got into the Buick, moved it to another spot and walked away.

The car, which was not registered, was towed by police. Inside, there were loose cans of Red Bull, as well as cases of Red Bull and the tote bag the woman had been carrying.