FAIRFIELD - Three 5th grade Girl Scouts at Mill Hill Elementary Troop 30223, Lizzie Myers (11), Lily Stasko (10) and Teagan Weber (11), achieved the highest award possible at the Girl Scout Junior level, the Bronze Award.

The culminating event in completing the requirements for this award were a Storm Preparedness meeting open to the community, presented by the girls on Monday, May 20 at Mill Hill Elementary School. The intent of the presentation was to educate the community on how they can prepare when they know a rainstorm, hurricane, snow storm or blizzard is on the way. The presentation was attended by First Selectman Tetreau, Deputy Fire Chief Kyran Dunn and several members of the Fairfield Fire Department as well as members of the community.

The presentation came at the end of several months of research and preparation, during which time the girls spoke or met with Police Captain Chris Tursi, Tetreau and Fire Chief Denis McCarthy.

At the conclusion of their presentation, Tetreau commended them on their incredible accomplishment and asked the girls what they had learned from this experience. Teagan Weber replied, “Communication. I learned how important it is to be able to communicate with others, especially people in our town.”

The Bronze Award is a special project that Girl Scout Juniors have the option to pursue which begins with observing the community to find areas that could be improved or helped and then planning and carrying out their vision for addressing it.

Girl Scouts is youth organization which works to develop compassion, courage and confidence in girls. Teagan, Lily and Lizzie will each receive a Bronze pin signifying this well-earned achievement.