FAIRFIELD — Employees smoking in the back room, hand sinks not in proper working condition and a dirty ice machine are some of the observations health inspectors made at three local restaurants last month.

The three Fairfield establishments that failed health inspections last month include Shu Restaurant -- which failed a previous inspection in March -- Akita Asian Fusion and Japanese Steakhouse and a 7-Eleven on Reef Road.

Health inspections are graded on a 100-point basis. A failed health inspection is one that scores under 80 points or garners just one 4-point deduction. Re-inspections are typically carried out two weeks after the original report is filed.

Shu Restaurant on 1795 Post Road obtained a score of 79 which included three 4-point deductions in its April 8 re-inspection. The Chinese restaurant failed an earlier March 8 inspection due to a single 4-point deduction.

Inspectors remarked that an employee was smoking in the back room, something that is prohibited, a pot was blocking a hand sink and that the walls and ceilings needed to be properly cleaned.

As of press time, a Shu Restaurant representative was not available for comment.

According to the Health Department, depending on every inspection, some violations from the first inspection are corrected but new ones can arise from further inspections.

Akita Steakhouse on 451 Kings Highway E. obtained a score of 67 with a single 4-point deduction back in April 2. The health inspection report described a blocked hand sink, a microwave in disrepair, a dirty ice machine and dirty shelves.

“This doesn’t happen often, this is the first time ever that we’ve gone below 80-point score,” a representative of the steakhouse said. “This failure wasn’t targeted towards food preparatin nor freshness, it was more of administrations (and labeling issues).”

A subsequent inspection of the Japanese steakhouse on April 18 saw the restaurant correct its aforementioned flaws and pass with a score of 87.

The 7-Eleven at 257 Reef Road earned a score off 88 points but with two 4-point violations on the last day of the month.

These two 4-point deductions included a behind the counter hand sink that was not in “proper working condition”, a mop sink in need of repair and that “proper backflow prevention” be provided.

According to the Health Department, a re-inspection is scheduled at the 7-Eleven within the next two weeks. The Reef Road establishment were not immediately available for comment.