The list of the public employees with the highest compensation for 2014 is, as is usually the case, topped by school district administrators and police officers.

At the head of the class, like last year, is Superintendent of Schools David Title, leading the top-25 earners with compensation of $291,103.

As he was for 2013, police Lt. Christopher Tursi takes the second spot, with total earnings of $211,544. Pay for police on the top earners list includes overtime, as well as outside duty pay, which is paid by outside contractors. Of Tursi's earnings, $63,695 was in outside duty pay.

On the educators' side, Doreen Munsell, finance director for the school board, said those earnings are higher for the recently concluded calendar year because there was an extra pay period.

The list of the top 25 is made up of 11 police employees, 11 educators and three firefighters. There are no town-side employees outside of public safety on the list, and First Selectman Michael Tetreau, with an annual salary of $134,428, doesn't even rank in the top 50 earners -- the cut off is $144,157.

Expanding the list to 50 public employees, the list is made up of only educators, firefighters and police officers.

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Among the 25 highest-paid school and municipal employees in 2014, some police officers receive outside-duty compensation paid by contractors. Those amounts, not funded by the town, are in parentheses.
Superintendent of Schools David Title, $293,103
Police Lt. Christopher Tursi, $211,544 ($63,695)
Police Lt. Jeffrey Bloch, $195,574 ($7,739)
Deputy Superintendent of Schools Karen Parks, $187,562
Fairfield Warde High School Principal James Coyne, $178,626
Police Lt. Michael Walsh, $176,767 ($44,957)
Police Lt. Keith Broderick, $175,787 ($26,951)
Police Lt. Thomas Mrozek, $171,116 ($19,569)
Director of School District Operations Thomas Cullen, $171,093
Fairfield Woods Middle School Principal Gary Rosato, $169,428
Police Officer Keith Perham, $168,033 ($55,647)
Director of School District Human Resources Ann Leffert, $167,536
Director of Special Education Andrea Leonardi, $167,270
Police Officer Christopher Mastronardi, $166,649 ($44,532)
Tomlinson Middle School Principal Sally Bonina, $166,268
Fairfield Ludlowe High School Headmaster Greg Hatzis, $166,208
Director of Secondary Education Margaret Boice, $162,894
Police Officer Kevin Wells $162,248, ($23,798)
Police Chief Gary MacNamara, $162,090
Fire Chief Richard Felner, $161,518
Police Officer Seth Jenkins, $159,306 ($34,826)
Assistant Fire Chief Christopher Tracy, $158,244
Police Officer Gary Wikman, $156,868 ($45,140)
Director of Finance Doreen Munsell, $156,023
Assistant Fire Chief George Gomola, $155,676 ($1,853)

Police Chief Gary MacNamara takes number 19 on the salary list with earnings of $162,090, followed right behind at number 20 by Fire Chief Richard Felner with compensation of $161,518.

Police Lt. Keith Broderick -- at number 7 with $175,787 in salary and overtime, plus $26,951 in outside pay -- heads the police union, and defended what taxpayers often see as over-generous salaries for public employees.

Police officers, he said, are often required to work overtime, either to fill vacancies caused by other officers' illness, vacation, etc., or in times of town-wide emergencies.

As for outside duty pay, Broderick said it is comparable to an officer having a second job.

"If I was working a second job at Home Depot, people would say, `He's hard-working and providing for his family,' " Broderick said. "This is no different."

According to the Police Department, when a company hires an officer, it is charged $57 per hour with a 4-hour minimum. If the contractor needs a police vehicle, it is an additional $20 per hour.

The officer receives time and a half for outside jobs and the rate varies according to the rank. The rate of compensation for a new officer at time and a half is $43.80 per hour, while for a lieutenant with more than 20 years of service, the rate would be $72.77 per hour.