Q & A for Fairfielders regarding the impact of Hurricane Sandy, issued Monday by the town's Health Department:


The area of mandatory evacuation is generally those homes below Old Post and Oldfield roads.

"Mandatory" means the town strongly urges residents to leave the area and find shelter with family or friends inland away from the shore, low-lying areas and streams that could flood. No one will be forced from their homes, but rescues will not likely be attempted during the storm and residents staying should expect to be stranded due to extensive flooding for up to several days.


If you cannot find other accommodations, there is a shelter open at Fairfield Ludlowe High School at 785 Unquowa Road; the shelter will be crowded and there may not be cots available. If you plan to go to the shelter please bring enough personal items, including medications and toiletries, to last several days, a towel, bedding materials such as a sleeping bag cell phone chargers.

People with medical issues: The shelter staff can provide basic first aid and some assistance with activities of daily living. People requiring a caregiver must have that caregiver or a family member capable of providing the needed care accompany them to the shelter.

Pets can be brought to the shelter, but please bring a crate, if you have one and food for your pet. While volunteers will be available to shelter the pets, you will be responsible to care for your pet.


If you know how to safely shut off your electricity and natural gas then please do so before evacuating a home.


Flooding is expected to be worse than any of us have ever experienced, with some flooding starting Sunday night, peaking Monday night into Tuesday and is currently expected to remain at flood conditions for several days.


Cars can be parked in railroad commuter lots, Tomlinson Middle School, Roger Ludlowe Middle School, Fairfield Ludlowe High School and street parking north of Interstate 95. Parking restrictions have been lifted in these areas.


Significant flooding may still be a factor Wednesday, Halloween Day, with cleanup still ongoing. Once the full impact of the storm is assessed a decision will be made.


Check the town website's storm update page -- http://www.fairfieldct.org/storm.htm -- or call the storm hotline for more 203-254-4899.