The town is looking for mobile vendors to run the refreshment concessions at Sasco and Southport beaches for next season.

The decision to have food trucks serve beach goers was made in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, which severely damaged the small, wooden concession stands at both town beaches. Officials felt it would not be worth the money to repair the structures.

Vendors must be a "self-contained vehicle or vending cart" approved by the town's Health Department, and commercially manufactured for food service. It must be driven from the beach on a daily basis each evening.

The new guidelines would appear to precludes Hunter King, who ran King's Kitchen at Southport Beach, from bringing the former beach stand back to the beach.

King purchased the Southport building for $450, with hopes to make it mobile enough to move in and out at the beginning and end of each season, or in the event of an emergency. Officials have refused to consider that option, and since then, King has been on a odyssey to find a place to deposit the beach stand in Fairfield and Westport.

The bid criteria for the new beach vendors also states that chairs, tables, umbrellas, tents, signs and stereo equipment are not only not provided, but are not allowed. And loud music is "also strictly prohibited."

Details of the bid invitation can be found at The bids are scheduled to be opened on Jan. 16.