If this keeps up, Fairfielders may have to start showing their IDS to purchase eggs.

A third "egg attack" was reported to police Wednesday night. The victim said he was hit in the face with the eggs thrown by four young men in a blue Jeep Wrangler. He said he was riding a bicycle near the 7-Eleven on Reef Road when he was egged, and the pelting knocked him off his bike.

A week earlier, a driver on South Benson Road was splattered -- and suffered minor cuts -- by eggs hurled by teens traveling in a Jeep headed in the other direction.

In the first recent egging incident, a 16-year-old was charged on July 16 with criminal mischief for bombarding an attendant and a police officer with eggs at Fairfield Mobil on the Post Road. A teen accomplice in that case escaped, police said.

And last week, a Nonopoge resident called police to let them know that she had just confiscated four dozen eggs from a group of juveniles Tuesday around 11 p.m., thwarting another likely attack.