FAIRFIELD — The Porzio’s Bert’s Tree Service is no stranger to the court system.

In addition to a complaint from the town of Easton in 2015, that was ultimately settled out of court, and the current complaint from Fairfield over log storage on property on Hulls Highway, the tree company is a defendant in a suit by 176 Main Street Association, the homeowner’s group for a 5-unit complex on Main Street in Southport.

According to the suit filed by the association in August, the owners of one of the units hired Robert Porzio and Bert’s Tree Service to remove six mature trees from the complex’s common area. Porzio, according to the suit, was contacted by the association’s president and told to stop removing the trees, because the unit owners, Joseph Schott and Carin Anna Pfeiffer, had no authority to hire anyone to remove the trees.

In all, according to the court papers, Porzio took down a 100-foot birch tree, a 60-foot hemlock, a 100-foot gum tree, and a maple tree and two locusts trees, each 50 feet tall.

Schott, according to the suit, removed the trees because they were unsafe, and planned to develop a landscape plan for some of the now-cleared common area. He claims the trees that were cut down were “dead and diseased.”

For its part, the association asked for a plan for the removal of the wood from the trees that were cut down, which was stored behind two garages.

This case is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on May 31, 2018, and for trial on June 26, 2018.