FAIRFIELD — Two projects, designed to improve safety, have been approved by the Board of Finance.

One is the replacement of the Valley Road bridge over Horse Tavern Brook, while the other provides pedestrian improvements along Kings Highway, according to William Hurley, the town’s engineering manager.

Hurley said the bridge replacement project costs $3.2 million, of which the town will be reimbursed $2.56 million.

“The bridge is rated ‘poor’ by the Connecticut (Department of Transportation),” Hurley said, with exposed rebar and corrosion on the beams. The final design is completed, he said, and the project will go out to bid in October. If the project is not put out to bid by then, Hurley said, the town would lose the federal reimbursement.

Once the bridge is replaced, Hurley said, it will have a 50 to 75-year life span, with only minor maintenance needed during the first five to 10 years.

He said they had to do 13 different models to get the hydraulics correct on the design. Asked if there was any chance the town would not receive funding due to the state’s financial condition, Hurley said the money comes from the federal government and is merely administered by the state DOT.

The second project, which makes pedestrian improvements on Kings Highway from Chambers Street to Villa Avenue, had previously been approved at $2 million. However, Hurley said additional grant funding was received and the project, which originally ended at Brentwood Avenue, was extended.

Because of the additional funding, approval was needed for another $1.4 million to cover the rights of way easements, improved drainage, and the extension to Villa Avenue.

The town will receive 80 percent reimbursement for the project from the state, and it is expected the town’s share of the project will be $462,000.

New sidewalks are proposed along both sides of Kings Highway, along with median improvements for better access and aesthetics. The new concrete sidewalks will include handicap accessible ramps and there is also a landscaped pocket park.