Venerable maple cut down on Sherman Green

The sound of a chainsaw rang out across downtown Fairfield on Monday as a two-man crew from Asplundh Tree Co. began taking down a towering sugar maple on Sherman Green next to the gazebo.

The century-old tree had been scheduled to be taken down earlier, but the job was delayed. According to town Tree Warden Ken Placko, the tree had developed severe root and trunk damage, and increasingly was showing signs of decline.

While Troy Davis stayed on the ground to collect and pile the maple's branches, Bill Danstaedt was up in the bucket, slowly but surely lopping off the limbs.

Darnstaedt said most of the rot had attacked the base of the tree, and estimated the tree would not be completely cut down until Tuesday. Then, the wood will be chipped and hauled off the green.

After posting a notice this summer that the tree was scheduled to be cut down, Placko held a public hearing at the green to listen to any objections after one man sent a letter requesting on be held.

No one, however, showed up for the hearing.