What they said about Hurricane Sandy:

"This storm needs to be taken seriously, and just as the state is taking preparatory actions, I encourage the public and all of the state's utility companies to do the same."

-- Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

"We need to complete evacuations before nightfall, when wind and rain begin to strengthen. Be prepared to stay away from the area for several days."

-- First Selectman Michael Tetreau

"My brother lives down the street -- he was evacuated yesterday. I came to give him a hand and figured I'd open while here. I don't plan to be around long, though."

-- Teddy Hasiotis, employee at Demetri's Barber Shop in Fairfield

"It is reassuring to see the police here. We don't know what's going to happen to our house."

-- Laurie Quick, of Fairfield, who rode out the storm at the emergency shelter

"There were people yelling and snoring. I only got four hours of sleep."

-- Bradley Quick, 11, of Fairfield, who spent the night at the emergency shelter

"We ran out of generators yesterday. Other popular items have been extension cords, flashlights, lanterns and tarps. We probably sold 15,000 D batteries alone since Friday."

-- Scott Pesavento, co-owner of Hemlock Hardware

"We're pretty well stocked up. I was surprised Rite Aid had batteries."

-- Michele Ross, Fairfield store owner and local resident

"I'm leaving."

-- Lea DiNardo,

who lives near the

beach in Fairfield

"On Sunday, we did sales equal to our Friday nights, our busiest days of the week. We probably sold hundreds of cases of beer."

-- Renzo Kian, beer manager at Harry's Liquor & Wine Market

"I have to wait and see. It depends on how high the water gets."

-- Chris Krook, on leaving his Fairfield Beach Road home before the storm

"If you flooded before, you will flood again. If you came close to flooding (in Tropical Storm Irene), you will flood this time."

-- Police Chief Gary


"We've been an island in the past ... If it gets too hard, I'll leave."

-- Fred Mis, Penfield Road resident