FAIRFIELD — After two rounds of voting, gubernatorial candidate David Walker secured the Republican Town Committee’s delegates Tuesday night.

Normally, RTC Chairman James Millington explained there would just be one round of voting, with the top vote-getter winning all the delegates.

“We didn’t anticipate so many candidates,” Millington said. “Never did we think before we changed the rules we would have 12 candidates.”

Because of the crowded field, a motion was made to suspend the rules and have two rounds of voting. The second round, however, was only open to the top three from the first round — Walker, former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst, and businessman Steve Obsitnik.

In the first round, Walker got 25 votes, Herbst got 10 and Obsitnik received 9 votes. Round two saw Walker’s votes jump to 38, while Herbst got 11 votes, and Obsitnik 10.

“I am pleased and honored to have your support, “ Walker told committee members. Voters in Connecticut, he said, want someone “who can put the state’s finances in order, and I believe I’m the person to do that.”

Members of the town committee had to run small gauntlet of candidates or their surrogates slowing their way into the meeting, hence the larger vote tally in round two.

“This has been an interesting time in Fairfield,” Millington said, adding one reason for the “winner take all” rule change was to get more of the candidates to make visits to the town committee.

“We hope to make the candidates come to us,” he said. “This year, it has actually worked out that way.”

Although there was talk there would be a fight over the rules for voting, the motion to suspend the rules passed without objection. The longest part of the evening was waiting for the first round ballots to be counted.