Friday's sunny skies and balmy temperatures made it a good day for a boat ride. But instead of taking his boat for a spin, Rich Vogt was pulling it out of the water for the season at the South Benson Marina.

"I pulled it out a little earlier than usual," Vogt said because of the storm scheduled to blow into the region late Sunday that has been described by some meteorology mongers as "Frankenstorm."

"I'd rather be safe than sorry," Vogt said.

Police marine unit officers are advising boat owners to remove their vessels from the marina, and to tie down any small watercraft, such as kayaks and sailboats.

Vogt said he wasn't the only one take his boat out of the water Friday. "There's a lot of people taking their boats out today," he said.

Andy Vigneron was another boater getting a jump on the storm, which is not expected to be felt here until late Sunday. "We have to be out in about two weeks anyway," Vigneron said. "It's been on my mind."

All boats have to be out of the marina by Nov. 18 in any case.

He said, though, that the marina is pretty well protected during storms. "It usually doesn't get crazy in here," he said.

Town officials have been monitoring the storm's track, which seems poised to coincide with astronomically high tides during Monday's full moon.

"We anticipate it will have serious affects on town services and response by emergency personnel, especially in coastal areas," Police Chief Gary MacNamara said.

Deputy Fire Chief Art Reid said, "If it's a direct hit, it could be very similar to (Tropical Storm) Irene, but it's still a day or two too early to call that.

Police Sgt. Suzanne Lussier urged residents to go the department's website -- -- and sign up today for CodeRed, an emergency notification system. The system alerts residents by phone of such things as evacuation routes.

Should evacuations become necessary, Fairfield Ludlowe High School will once again serve as the town's storm shelter.

Overnight parking is still banned at Veterans Park on Reef Road, but that restriction will be reviewed throughout the weekend and lifted if necessary to allow beach area residents to move their vehicles farther inland.

Officials also remind residents:

- The town info line -- 203-254-4899 -- will be updated periodically with messages. Residents are encouraged to use this phone line for routine updates and avoid calling 911 unless it is an emergency.

- Residents are encouraged to make plans now for power outages and possible evacuation in the event of flooding.

- Emergency "to-go" kits should have a supply of water for several days, food, flashlights, batteries, portable radios, and essential medications.

- The police headquarters lobby, 100 Reef Road, will be outfitted with electronic charging stations for the public's cell phones and computers.

- News releases on the storm and emergency alerts will be posted on the Police Department's website -- -- under the news release page.