Whole Foods Market in Fairfield plans to donate 5 percent of purchases on Wednesday to Operation Hope, the nonprofit agency that addresses local issues of homelessness and hunger.

The supermarket designates four days throughout the year when 5 percent of the store’s net sales are donated to a local nonprofit whose mission is “aligned with Whole Foods Market’s commitment to health and community-related causes,” according to publicity for the event.

The first 5 Percent Day of the year will benefit Operation Hope’s programs that aim to provide “basic needs for food and shelter, as well as offer long-term solutions to hunger and homelessness, including affordable housing, life skills training and personalized clinical support,” organizers said.

“When you shop at Whole Foods on Jan. 6, you’ll support the important work that nonprofits like Operation Hope do to ensure everyone in our community has the opportunity to experience positive and lasting change for themselves and their families,” Carla Miklos, the executive director of Operation Hope, said in the news release.

For more information about Operation Hope, visit www.operationhopect.org .