As Fairfield and the rest of the region hunkered down Thursday for what was predicted to be the first major winter storm of the season, a leading edge of the storm is already being felt here.

Unusually high tides, driven by a new moon and the force of the approaching, overran low-lying areas such as Perry's Green in Southport, where water rose over the seawall and engulfed picnic tables on the green.

In addition to the warnings about potential flooding from the National Weather Service, there is a Winter Storm Warning in effect for the area through 1 p.m. Friday as well as an overall Hazardous Weather Outlook.

The NWS warns that, in addition to the light snowfall Thursday morning, snow is expected to begin falling again about 4 p.m., with about 4 to 8 inches of overnight accumulation.

Blustery winds of to 30 mph or so are expected, and the temperature will drop to a low of about 10 degrees -- and feel as though it is about minus-3 degrees, the weather service predicts.

More snow and winds are forecast Friday morning, with new accumulation of 1 to 2 inches, and the temperature rising only to a high in the mid-teens -- with a chill factor as low as minus-8 degrees.

Snow is expected to taper off by Friday afternoon, but frigid temperatures will prevail again overnight.