Jennifer Shockey, 45, was charged with third-degree assault, second-degree breach of peace and violation of a protective order when she physically attacked her ex-husband in front of their two children Wednesday night, police said.

Police said they could hear yelling as they approached the Smedley Road address, where Shockey was attempting to leave with the couple's two children. They saw her husband was standing in the driveway with his shirt ripped and scratches.

Shockey said the children, twin 8-year-olds, wanted to spend the night with her, but their father would not let them.

The man told police that a protective order had been issued against his ex-wife and that the children were not allowed to spend the night with her. Police confirmed the protective order had been issued against Shockey.

The ex-husband said he took the car keys to prevent her from leaving and, when he did, Shockey began to scratch, punch and kick him, police said.

Shockey was released on a $200 bond and was scheduled to appear Thursday in Bridgeport Superior Court.