A Congress Street woman, apparently fed up with the noise from a construction crew on the Merritt Parkway near her house, was charged with disorderly conduct Thursday.

Susan Mulligan, 55, who had received a warning from police about an apparent threat over the same issue several weeks ago, called police around 12:30 a.m. threatening to "kill everyone over there," but later denied making the comment when contacted by police.

She called again at 2:30 a.m. and said if the police didn't shut down the construction, she would "go across the street and kill them myself," police said. Once again, Mulligan denied making the statements, but when told by police her statements were taped, she admitted it, police said.

"You're damn right," Mulligan said, according to police. "They're driving me nuts and I'm gonna kill them."

She was issued a misdemeanor summons.

On Nov. 20, Mulligan called police around midnight to complain about the construction noise and when told the state highway work was out of their jurisdiction, she allegedly said, "I guess I will have to go out there with my pistol" and hung up.

When officers called back, Mulligan claimed she actually said that she planned to "go outside with my pitbull."