WESTPORT — A Flushing, N.Y. awaiting trial for alleged credit card thefts in connection to a criminal ring that used skimming devices at local ATMs is now facing additional charges, police said.

On June 12, Westport police were dispatched to the People’s Bank on Post Road East on reports of several fraudulent ATM transactions that occurred a day earlier.

Bank officials told police the suspect made 27 illegal transactions at the bank’s ATM, fraudulently obtaining $3,780 from the bank and failing to procure an additional $1,400. Police said eight different customer accounts were compromised.

During the investigation, detectives learned that Darien police had arrested Gabriela Enache, 38, while she was allegedly conducting the same type of transaction.

According to police, Enache was spotted on surveillance video at Southport’s People’s United Bank, 411 Old Post Road, where she made more withdrawals using illegally obtained credit card information.

In Southport, Enache reportedly stole $4,060 from 19 customer accounts.

After comparing the footage from the Westport, Darien and Southport banks, Westport police positively identified the suspect as Enache.

Further investigation revealed Enache was behind more fraudulent transactions in Westport during May and June, police said. In these incidents, Enache obtained an additional $4,640 by using fraudulently manufactured debit cards, police said.

Police said the criminal ring, which they believe Enache works with, used skimmers and pinhole digital cameras to capture information from magnetic strips and PIN numbers. They would then create fraudulent debit and credit cards using that information.

Enache was charged with 13 counts each of credit card theft, criminal impersonation, illegal use of credit card, illegal furnishing of goods on a credit card, fraudulent use of an ATM and receipt of money, goods or services by illegal credit card use as well as a count of third-degree larceny.

She was held on $50,000 bond, and she is expected to appear in court Sept 7.

These charges come on the wake of Enache being charged with 22 counts of illegal use of a credit card, 16 counts of third-degree identity theft, third-degree larceny, fraudulent use of an ATM and receiving goods or services illegally out of Fairfield.

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