A Hunyadi Avenue woman, whose Schnauzer dog had to have part of its paw removed, was charged Wednesday with animal cruelty.

Susan A. Bonife, 50, faces the charge after police were contacted Aug. 19 by the Fox Memorial Clinic in Newington because Oscar, a 7-year-old Schnauzer owned by Bonife and her ex-husband, missed scheduled surgery for its infected foot. The clinic’s staff grew concerned the dog was being mistreated.

Bonife’s ex-husband and daughter had brought Oscar to the clinic the day before. The daughter had called her father to tell him about the dog’s foot, and said it was beginning to emit a foul odor.

After scheduling surgery for the next day, the former husband returned the dog to Bonife, and instructed his daughter to tell Bonife to bring the dog back to Newington for the operation.

When animal-control officers went to Bonife’s house, according to the report, and asked her to bring the dog to them so they could check on its welfare, she refused. When police arrived, she said she did not want the dog anymore and signed ownership and custody over to the town’s animal shelter.

A report of suspected animal abuse was sent to the state Department of Agriculture, and Oscar was taken to see a veterinarian on Aug. 20.

According to the police report, Oscar needed immediate surgery and his paw smelled “strongly of rotting flesh.” About half of the dog’s paw had to be removed. An area of matted fur was found on the dog’s paw, and it is believed that may have gotten wrapped around the paw, cutting off circulation, according to the report.

Bonife was released on a promise to appear Nov. 16 at state Superior Court in Bridgeport.