A lap dance performed for a female hookah lounge patron as a joke by a 25-year-old Bridgeport man late Friday left its recipient with a knife wound to her thigh.

Police were contacted early Saturday by emergency room officials at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport. A 24-year-old Shelton woman in the emergency room for treatment of a cut to the inner portion of her left thigh that occurred when she was sliced with a knife while at the Aroma hookah lounge, 689 Kings Highway East.

She told officers she was at the hookah lounge when a male friend of her cousin, as a joke, started to give her a lap dance. But she said she felt a sharp pain in her thigh and ran outside. When the woman saw that she was bleeding, she went to the emergency room.

The woman told police that the cut was accidental and at no time did she feel threatened by the man and did not want to press charges.

Officers said they were told the same version of the story by those at the hookah lounge.

The man also had a small hole in his front pants pocket that was caused by the knife, according to the report.

The knife was not illegal, police said, and there were no arrests made.