Somebody clipped the Haveys' lawn mower.

But Lisa Havey isn't shy about asking that the lawn mower looter bring back the stolen $700 Toro electric start mower.

In fact, she's posted her plea -- "Please return my lawnmower" -- in bold green paint on a blanket hanging on a fence at her Longview Avenue yard, corner of Kings Highway East.

The mower went missing about 4 p.m. last Saturday after being left unattended little more than a half-hour, Havey said. It was left in the yard by her son, Alex, who was interrupted while cutting the grass by a swarm of angry bees.

"Somebody was like, oh baby, score!" she said.

Now, Havey is holding out hope that good will prevails and the mower is returned. She hasn't filed a police report and is not interested in pressing charges -- she just wants her mower back.

"I'm as lovely as the day is long," she said.

"I would love for someone to return my lawn mower."

"I desperately want to believe that it was an accident," Havey added of the mower's disappearance.

Anyone with information about the lawn mower's whereabouts is asked to contact Havey at 203-520-6344.