A Rowland Road senior citizen fell victim Tuesday to a classic scam -- often called the "grandma scam" -- that Fairfield police have previously issued warnings about.

The woman received a phone call from someone claiming to be a Canadian law-enforcement official, who told the woman that her grandson had been arrested for driving under the influence in Canada. If she could not forward bail money, the caller told the local woman her grandson would be held in jail.

About two hours later, the grandmother wired $2,137 through Western Union from the Super Stop & Shop on King's Highway Cutoff.

The woman did not try to call her grandson to verify that he was in Canada before she wired the money, police said. When the woman did contact her grandson several hours later and learned he was not in custody or in Canada, it was too late to halt the money transfer.

Police later learned the money was actually sent to a location in the United Kingdom.