Two women were issued infractions for creating a public disturbance after a confrontation last Thursday in the Super Stop & Shop parking lot, 760 Villa Ave., that was observed by an off-duty Bridgeport police officer.

Loni P. Hubert, 28, of Carlton Avenue, Bridgeport, was leaving the grocery store when she stopped to look at the store sales circular. Behind her was Oana Hagischi, 33, who lives on Park Avenue, also in Bridgeport, according to the report.

Hubert told police that Hagischi muttered something under her breath as they exited the store, than ran toward her in the parking lot and "got in her face." The verbal argument then turned physical, police said.

The off-duty officer said Hagischi "darted" at Hubert, and when a police cruiser pulled into the lot, Hagischi got in her car and tried to drive away. Instead, police said, she had failed to put the car in reverse and the car instead surged forward, hitting the car parked in the space in front of her.

Hagischi was also charged with driving an unregistered motor vehicle and having no proof of insurance.