We asked town residents how they would describe Fairfield to people who don’t live here.

Leigh Smith: It’s a wonderful community. I always say to people that it’s an amazing place to raise kids, with so many things to offer, from the universities to the beaches. It’s a great place to raise a family and it’s a fun town.

Jennifer Meeker: It’s very family-friendly, but it’s definitely different from when we grew up here. There are good schools and lots of entertainment.

Megan Pannaman: There are lots of restaurants, beaches, entertainment.

Rachel Aiello: It’s great, but expensive. The taxes are high. It’s a nice town, but taxes are just too high. It’s not affordable to live here.

Samantha Fawcett: It’s homey, it’s quaint, yet there’s a lot of action going on. There’s lots to do, lots of parks, the libraries, the restaurants. It’s a hustling, bustling town, but very quaint at the same time.