Rob's Discount Variety Show, a departure from many of the concerts on the Fairfield Theatre Company's monthly calendar, aims to provide family-friendly entertainment on select Sunday afternoons.

This Sunday, the fourth edition of the variety show will feature John and Rebecca Higby, who have been called the most entertaining and amazing yo-yo act on the planet. The duo, whose act David Letterman called "unbelievable," won the 2008 world yo-yo championship and hold a place in the "Guinness Book of World Records."

"The Higbys are the most amazing act you've ever seen, like something out of a Dr.Seuss book," said Eileen O'Reilly, managing director of the theater. "They juggle multiple yo-yos while riding hula-hoops and unicycles. The Higbys are for kids who like smart tricks and stunts and adults who like sophisticated silliness."

But that's not all. "Rob's Discount Variety Show -- key word being "variety" -- will also feature jazz vocalist Nicole Pasternak, who was described by a Jazz Times writer as "reminiscent of a young Ella, the brightest young jazz singer I've heard since Bobby McFerrin."

Pasternak is the sister of Vin Pasternak, a member of Carlson's Benefit Street Band, which also includes keyboardist Paul Payton and drummer Sam Carlson.

"We are finding the special guests drive the audience. We expect the yo-yo champs to fill the house," O'Reilly said.

The three editions of his variety show at FTC have also been well-received.

"The audiences love Rob's folksy, irreverent humor," said O'Reilly. "We planned on four to six shows (the third Sunday of every other month) and we are now going to do a CD release party for his CD, Rob Carlson and Benefit Street, in the fall."

She added that Rob's Discount Variety Show is an attempt to create a regular Sunday afternoon series with various kinds of entertainment, including music, comedy, spoken word, theater, that will appeal to all ages.

"We want people to make a date with FTC on Sunday afternoons, then go have dinner at one of our restaurant partners," O'Reilly added.

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