FAIRFIELD — About 20 Jedi hopefuls showed up at the Fairfield Public Library Wednesday afternoon for their first step in becoming a Jedi master.

Some came equipped with their own light sabers, and even dressed for the part, but Sensei Morgan Ewing had them put those sabers aside right at the start of the “Jedi Academy.”

“I know it’s hard to do,” Ewing, who runs a Jedi camp at the Kempo Academy of Martial Arts, said. “A Jedi doesn’t like to give up their light saber.” Instead, Ewing said, they would build their own light sabers from cardboard tubes and colored paper.

First, the trainees needed to decide — where they Jedi or Sith? The Jedi got blue paper for their swords, the Sith got red paper. There was no room for any Storm Troopers, though, and, as Ewing pointed out, “Regular Storm Troopers don’t use light sabers, they don’t know how. They just use blasters.”

The trainees had to put in some exercise before getting down to learning to duel. There were jumping jacks, and push ups, and stretching. “Being a Jedi is hard physical work,” Ewing said.

He and his assistant, his son, Tucker, then showed the young Jedi and Sith the proper way to wield a light saber and cautioned them that if too careless, they could end up cutting off their own arm or leg.