Danbury Hospital 'saved my husband's life,' wife of CT's first coronavirus patient says

Photo of Amanda Cuda

WILTON — The wife of the state’s first COVID-19 patient says her husband is recovering after being placed in a medically induced coma, according to her GoFundMe page.

Earlier this month, the woman — who lives in Wilton and whose name is being withheld — said her husband was in a medically induced coma at Danbury Hospital while he recovered from the contagious respiratory illness, and that she and her twin infant sons were in quarantine.

“I know some people are saying this is hysteria, but I think it’s really important for people to take this seriously,” she said in a phone interview in the early days of her husband’s hospitalization. “My husband got really sick, really fast.”

The man, who was identified by state officials as being in his 40s, began showing symptoms shortly after he returned from a work conference in California on Feb. 28. His wife said that he had an enlarged heart, which made him more susceptible to pneumonia

But, lately, her posts have gotten more upbeat. On Thursday, the woman, who hasn’t responded to recent requests for comment, posted on Facebook and on her GoFundMe page that her husband was still on oxygen therapy but breathing on his own.

On Sunday, she posted a more detailed statement about all the help she and her husband had received at Danbury Hospital, including setting up an arrangement that allowed her to watch her husband via FaceTime.

“Danbury Hospital, in Danbury, Connecticut, saved my husband’s life,” she said in the post.

The post didn’t include any details about where he was in his recovery, but it refer to a “long road of rehab ahead of him to work on cognitive difficulties, muscle atrophy, weakness, speech challenges, and decreased lung capacity to name a few.” However, she added that her husband is “a fighter, and a lovable teddy bear with two sweet boys and me to come home to — we can’t wait to have our rock back home.”