Saturday showers leave thousands without power in San Antonio

A look at Saturday's afternoon showers from Comanche Lookout Park.

A look at Saturday's afternoon showers from Comanche Lookout Park.

Rene A. Guzman

San Antonio briefly flirted with rain Saturday, but it seems as soon as the rendezvous occurred, it ended. 

"Right now showers at this point are exiting the San Antonio area," National Weather Service Meteorologist Brett Williams said.

Saturday's showers were a small part a larger series of thunderstorms that spread across North Texas Friday evening and early Saturday morning.

And though brief, the showers have left thousands of residents without energy.

As of 7:45 p.m., CPS Energy was reporting 51 outages affecting 2,608 residents.

The West and East sides were the areas hit hardest by the rain, Williams said. The downtown area received less than an inch of rain. 

However, Williams said isolated scattered showers are expected again Sunday.

Meanwhile, a video of what seemed to be a funnel cloud near San Antonio International Airport was circulating social media Saturday afternoon.

Williams confirmed the veracity of the video, but said it was not a tornado. 

"We did see some photos and videos and we investigated it," Williams said.

The meteorologist said the NWS was in contact with the tower at the airport and were told the funnel was "extending to 300-to-400 feet."

But based on the eyewitness account and the description, the NWS determined that the funnel was just a dust devil kicked up by high winds.
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