There is no doubt that we enjoy the beauty and sense of community that we have here in Fairfield. However, there is also no doubt that we face significant issues and concerns. These issues and concerns include keeping Fairfield affordable, educating our students for the jobs of the 21st century, preserving our environment, promoting healthy schools, protecting against flooding and beach erosion and improving our infrastructure of bridges, roads and train service.

After five straight months of campaigning door to door throughout Fairfield and after winning the August primary with 70 poercent of the vote, it is clear to me that Fairfield residents want to elect the best candidate to deal with these issues and concerns.

I have the experience and perspective of a lifelong Connecticut resident, a 20 year Fairfield resident and an active member of this community. I have worked for you as a Board of Education elected official for the past five years, as a member of the Board of Health and as past chairman of the Board of Education. For the past 20 years, I have been dedicated to making Fairfield a better District to continue to do that for you at the state level.

To keep Fairfield affordable we need to grow jobs and improve our economy. Future job opportunities will increasingly be based in healthcare, sciences, engineering and technology. We need to build a partnership between our business community and our colleges and universities to ensure our graduates have the right skills for today's jobs. My bachelor of science degree in nursing, Board of Health experience and 10 years as a cardiac intensive-care nurse make me uniquely qualified to address our healthcare challenges and job growth opportunities. We need a State Representative who understands how to leverage the growth opportunities in healthcare and sciences to create jobs and grow our economy.

Beyond jobs, healthcare and the economy, many Fairfield beach-area residents have significant concerns around flooding and beach erosion. As a beach-area resident, I've personally experienced the issues associated with flooded streets. We need to ensure that we have adequate resources at the local level to beprepared for more severe hurricanes. I have already begun to work wiU.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal on this vitally important issue to ensure that Fairfield receives adequate resources and assistance.

Improving our transportation infrastructure is critical to promoting business growth, easing road congestion and improving our environment. Our commuters need the new rail cars on line faster. I will make improving our transportation infrastructure a priority.

Many residents struggle to afford to live here due to rising taxes, fixed incomes and a weak economy. It is clear that promises to cut taxes while balancing the budget and maintaining our social safety net are misleading at best. In order for Fairfield to move forward, we need a more strategic approach to planned economic development that will stimulate job growth and broaden the nonresidential tax base.

My focus as your state representative will be on a comprehensive plan that incorporates job growth, affordable healthcare, education for the jobs of the 21st century, more rail transportation for our commuters and affordable housing for our senior citizens, while preserving our environment, including our beautiful shoreline.

I am very proud to have represented you for the past five years on our Board of Education. For the past 20 years as a volunteer and an elected official I have worked hard to earn your trust, build my experience, gain a greater understanding of Fairfield's needs and represent your best interests. Now I need your support to enable me to continue to work for you. Please vote for me, Sue Brand, to be your candidate for State Representative in the 132nd. Thank you.