I am appreciative and humbled to represent the interests and needs of our community in Hartford. Four years ago, our election success demonstrated how our community and its voters can be open-minded and non-partisan in choosing a candidate based on the person, not the party. Today I am even more convinced that it is essential for our politicians to represent the people of our community, not the politics.

We, as a legislative body in Hartford, need to put partisan bickering aside and get back to the true definition of public service -- helping our communities and state thrive and prosper. There are many challenges ahead for us. First and foremost, we must demonstrate leadership in creating jobs, growing our economy, and keeping businesses from leaving our state. We must control spending so we can bring our taxes down to a more manageable level. At the same time, we must continue the fight for smart improvements in public and mass transportation, for ensuring that the right programs are in place for senior citizens and their needs, and for maintaining a strong educational system. In this difficult economic time, we need to bring "common sense" back into government so our hard-earned tax dollars are used as efficiently and productively as possible. We can make a difference; we need to make a difference; we WILL make a difference.

I am proud of our legislative and community accomplishments as your state representative and they are outlined below:

Jobs & Economy: Helped Housatonic Community College obtain a portion of a $16.7 million grant to build a manufacturing-education center.

Jobs & Economy: Supported business initiatives in genomics/DNA medicine at Jackson Laboratory to create a world class bioscience industry in Connecticut.

Jobs & Economy: Introduced "Learn Here, Live Here" legislation, an incentive for certain Connecticut graduates to stay in-state and buy their first homes here, to reduce the brain drain of young graduates leaving our state.

Healthcare: Led a bipartisan legislative effort to draft legislative language and pass a landmark healthcare insurance bill on bone marrow registry for blood cell cancers.

Technology Siting: Co-sponsored Siting Council legislation that gives local communities' greater control and residents a stronger voice over the location of cellular towers.

CT Challenge: Empowering Cancer Survivors. Hosted CT Challenge awareness forum in General Assembly and have ridden in its' bicycle ride for the third consecutive year.

Business Education Initiative Award: "Making a Difference" in support of business and education initiatives in our community.

Community Spirit Volunteer Award: For volunteer leadership in the community for governmental officials in the town of Fairfield.

Disability Resource Center Community Partner Award: For outstanding efforts as a tireless advocate for people with disabilities and independent living in the state legislature and Fairfield County.

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence "100 Men Plus" Award: For leadership and significant contributions in the effort to end domestic violence.

I have actively supported our community's social services organizations, such as The Kennedy Center, CT Challenge, Norma Pfriem Breast Cancer Care and Operation Hope, along with many other school and community activities. These organizations and their advocates, volunteers, and contributors make our towns special and I believe it is important to recognize them for their great work.

I have made myself fully accessible by holding numerous community meetings and informational job-skills forums in our town libraries. I have increased information access by maintaining an active website and utilizing social media to update people on the issues and community events within our towns. I make an effort to stay intimately involved in local issues by attending local Board of Finance, Board of Education, and Town Council/RTM meetings and touring schools within our community. I believe in strong communication and transparency and will continue to do everything in my power to be an effective and educated representative for the 134th District.

I am proud to serve as your State Representative and I hope that I have earned your vote on Election Day. I look forward to giving back to our community, our state, and our country, which has given so much to me.