Attention to train rider safety appreciated

Thanks to the hard work and persistence of Rep. Tony Hwang, R-134, a member of the Transportation Committee in the state Legislature, the yellow safety lines on the platforms at the Fairfield Town Center and Southport train stations have been repainted.

While commuters might think it's a simple task to repaint these lines, it actually involves close coordination with the Connecticut Department of Transportation and Metro-North Railroad, among others.

By way of background, when Cynthia Placko, manager of the Parking Authority of Fairfield, spoke with Rep. Hwang to express her ongoing frustration in coordinating the project with the DOT, Tony sprang into action. Almost immediately thereafter, he reached out to the DOT and formally requested that the yellow safety lines at both train stations in town be repainted.

On April 22, a line was repainted on the New York-bound platform in Fairfield. When nothing more was done, Rep. Hwang followed up again with the appropriate parties and got the job done and got it done right for commuters.

Thanks to Rep. Hwang, commuters now have bright yellow safety lines on the train platforms at both stations as well as a friendly reminder to "Watch the Gap."

This is not the first time that Rep. Hwang has shown support for rail commuters. In the past he has attended Connecticut Rail Commuter Council meetings (an advocacy group for rail commuters) to better educate himself on transportation issues and to bring commuter concerns directly to the attention of the Transportation Committee in Hartford. Moreover, Rep. Hwang has promised to stay in touch with the Fairfield Parking Authority to see how he might be helpful in the future.

As commuters from Fairfield and Southport, as well as members of the Parking Authority, it is clear to us that Rep. Hwang is working very hard for commuters that use our town's two train stations. Thanks, Tony.

Mary Kay Frost

Fairfield representative, board member

Michael Herley



board vice chairman

Parking Authority

of Fairfield