Problems are part of reality. Your ability to confront each problem will be the solution.

Have you ever realized how powerful your ability to make a choice can be? Making a choice will create your reality. We live in a cause and effect universe. Reality can be observed as a chain of events. It is a progression of cause-and-effect events. What you do in this moment causes the action that takes place in the next moment, which is the effect of the moment before it.

Some people are living only at the effect of everything and are reacting to everything. Making the right choices can get you closer to being the cause of what you want in your world rather than being at the mercy of the effect. The key is to realize you have a choice in what you do in every situation. You can't choose not to make a choice.

Let's say you are standing on railroad tracks, and the train is coming. You don't move off the tracks, the train runs you over and you die. Perhaps out of fear, you chose not to move. Fear can lead you to make the wrong choices.

And when you listen to other people and follow them, you are allowing them to make your choices for you. Do you really believe they always know what is best for you?

When you come up against a situation that you cannot change, do not let the situation change you. What if you were diagnosed with cancer? If you let the situation change you, then you lose your power to deal with it or change it. The way to deal with an unchangeable or unbearable situation is to accept it -- but only after you have done everything to change or eliminate it.

The trick is accepting it only for the moment. This gives you the tremendous power and control of not being at the effect of something you don't like. Knowing you have a choice gives you power.

You do not have to face your problems immediately, but you have to face your choices. Take a look at your problem. What choice or choices do you have? This is far more important than you may realize.

The next time you face a problem, ask yourself what choices are available. You can't make the best choice until you know all the choices. Happiness can allow you to see these choices very clearly. In a happy state of mind, you can deal with any problem. You can see with clarity greater clarity what choices you have. This clarity enables you to deal with your problem. List all possibilities regarding your choices. Look more closely at the two best choices, then pick the one best or this moment.

Some situations offer no choice. If you do not have a choice, then why make it a problem? Problems have solutions. If the situation is just a part of life, accept it. Don't suffer as a result of your reactions to your own negative thinking. Accept the situation, or you are going to be unhappy.

Not liking it makes it more difficult. It's not that you really have a problem, since it wasn't be solved. You can get rid of many "problems" you think you may have, if you keep this in mind. You always have the choice to live and enjoy your life and be happy. Once you have made a choice, go with it and let go of the entire situation. You have done everything you can do for now. If you find a better choice in twenty minutes, then select it. In the meantime, your power to choose has accomplished many positive things. You have stopped worrying about the situation, started to realize your choices, and have decided to act on them. Cause what you want to happen as a result of making the right choices. You can create a magnet of positive events. They start flowing toward you in your life. Your ability to make choices, or better yet, the right choices in every situation, gives you a step up to the best reality for the next moment.

Through the power of choice, we hold the power to create more favorable effects. If you don't like what you're getting in life, change something! If you do not change something or act differently, you will end up with the same results. In order to change the outcome, you must change something. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It's like watching the same movie repeatedly and hoping it will end differently this time.

When you stop being at the "effect" of your circumstances, you begin to be at the cause of them. Without any effort, you can slowly dissolve the barrier that stopped you before. The choice not to let this situation change you works to change the situation. It is one of the laws of cause-and-effect. When life deals you an effect -- deal with the cause, and you become a master of the situation.

You can choose what you read, listen to and believe. You can choose what you eat and drink, what you will say and do. You can even choose to let go of fear, hatred, unhappiness, depression and self-pity.

You can choose the best for yourself and choose the best in yourself. Finally, you can choose the best in everyone else as well. You can choose to see someone as a "teacher," rather than as an enemy. What you choose expands the reality that you experience. Choose well my friend!

Lionel Ketchian is the founder of the Happiness Club, a Happiness Coach, and can be reached at The Web site is