At times, life can cause pain.

We often experience pain by dealing with pain and suffering. Pain is a part of life, suffering is not. There is an important difference in the two. You must deal with pain, and do what you can to eliminate the cause of the pain.

Pain can be a part of life, and this we have no control over. But we can control our suffering.

Suffering is our emotional attachment to the desire of not wanting things to be the way they are.

Suffering creates struggle, and that will put you in a negative state very quickly.

Life is not fair, and when we suffer, we are not being fair to ourselves. We are allowing our emotions to create negative surroundings in which we have to live. We must guard against allowing ourselves to think negatively and therefore become depressed.

We do not need to allow ourselves to suffer. When people suffer, they will blame others for their suffering and thus continue the cycle of unhappiness.

I have spoken to many people over the years who are suffering from things that happened to them many years earlier. They continue to suffer today by not letting go of the pain and loss they experienced in the past.

As a result, they struggle with life and are unhappy. They have allowed the painful situation to continue by their own suffering.

I have overcome pain in my life, but overcoming suffering and struggle was the real accomplishment. I may not have had a choice with the pain, but I found out that I had total control over suffering and struggle.

As a result, I have been motivated to think about people with kindness, and compassion. It is a choice that not only assists other people, but is also a benefit to me as well.

Being unhappy because you wish something to be other than it should be, could be classified as nothing short of insanity.

We may not like what happens, but we can make living even harder than it could be, or should be. We have to deal with what has happened and what is happening right now.

How we deal with our day-to-day thoughts will create the very world you and I live in. It is the duty of each and every one of us to be positive.

Do not allow yourself to suffer and feel like life is a struggle, even if you have lost your job. Feeling that your life is now a struggle will not support you toward your best interests.

Choose freedom, not fear! Decide to be happy, not fearful. Have faith, not fear, and choose well and live your life. The decisions you make right now will dictate the life you live.

Don't allow what happened to you to direct how you feel. You have the power to make life the very best it can be now. The quality of your life is in your hands.

Thomas Jefferson said, "Our greatest happiness... does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us."

Don't be dependent on anything outside yourself to make you happy.

As Robert Louis Stevenson said, "The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the domination of outward conditions."

Your pursuit of happiness is your freedom, and you must embrace that freedom. We have so much to be happy about in this country, such as being grateful for living here.

Let us take our pain and turn it to the positive. Let us take our suffering and struggle and convert it into serving others.

When we do something for others, our pain is diminished.

Lionel Ketchian, the founder of the Happiness Club and a happiness coach, can be reached at The website is