Today, I speak to you about something that has been happening in this country for a long long time, but has gone basically unchecked. I am talking about bullying, harassing, and being disrespectful to our fellow students.

Recently, there have been suicides due to bullying. People who could not take it anymore, took their own lives, leaving their families to mourn for them.

Sometimes, we kids don't fully understand what an impact being mean to someone else can have. Maybe it even empowers some people. But really, it takes less energy to be nice, than to be mean. To lend a hand, to make someone actually feel included, worthy, will make YOU feel good, and someone else, too.

I will not name names of people who have been bullied. They suffer in silence. All I know is that it is a growing problem, and we have to try and stop it right here and right now.

I know that things don't change instantaneously, but I know that over a period of time we could change our school community, and by doing that, set an example for Fairfield, and then it could spread. I know people who have been bullied, I have heard stories of people being bullied, but I am also a victim of bullying. I'm not here to talk to you about what people have called me, but I'm here to brainstorm ideas on how, as a school community, we can stop bullying all together.

Sure, I know nothing is easy, but as the senior students in the building, we should be role models for the younger kids. Once we start showing that we respect each other, and try not to judge each other, treating each other with respect, it could pass down through the classes, creating a domino effect of respect through the air. As the school days move on, and we move through our senior year, I would like to see Fairfield Warde in the news -- we should make news that we want change for the better. We can't sit by and watch young lives wasted because they were pushed to the brink by someone's incredible disrespect or mean comments or treatment.

Even if you are not the bully, but you stand by while someone else is being tormented, you are just as guilty. If we all stand up to the bullies, they will be the ones on the run. They will have to change or be outcasts. Our society -- the one we are about to enter -- is crumbling down and we are the people who are needed to stand up and keep it standing proud. If we commit ourselves to stopping bullying in our school, sure we can't stop it all together, but there is hope.

Someone famous once said: "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Stand with me against the bullies. Stand up for what is right -- together our class, 304 strong, can do so much.

Stephen Liebowitz is a senior at Fairfield Warde High School. He will be making this speech at the high school in November.